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Medicaid at 50: A Look at the Long-Term Benefits of Childhood Medicaid

By Georgetown University Center for Children and Families
July 28, 2015

An emerging body of research underscores the significant role that Medicaid plays as a source of health coverage and financial protection for children and families

Veto, Funding Issues Pinch Health Care Safety Net in Volusia, Flagler counties

By Skyler Swisher, Daytona Beach News-Journal
July 27, 2015

Even as the area's economy reaches new heights with major projects and job growth, the health care safety net that serves people on the lower economic rungs is making do with less, directors say.

High Costs Plague Some State-Run Health Insurance Markets

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press
July 27, 2015

State-run health insurance markets that offer coverage under President Barack Obama's health law are struggling with high costs and disappointing enrollment. These challenges could lead more of them to turn over operations to the federal government or join forces with other states.

Beyond Medicaid Headlines

Editorial, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
July 23, 2015

Opponents of Medicaid expansion like Steve Crisafulli, speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, must be high-fiving over a recent Associated Press report that surging Medicaid enrollment might strain the budgets of states that approved expansion.

Brevard Lawmakers Debate Medicaid Expansion — Again

By Wayne T. Price, Florida Today
July 22, 2015

If you wanted an idea of how rancorous it will be in Tallahassee next session, a forum put on by the Dean Mead Law Firm provided a preview.

Report: Florida 37th in Overall Child Well-Being

By Suzanne Potter, Public News Service Florida
July 21, 2015

Florida is ranked 37th in the country for overall child well-being, according to a new report from the nonprofit Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Medicaid Expansion Remains "monster in the room"

By Dustin Wyatt, Daytona Beach News-Journal
July 20, 2015

The banquet hall contained local business leaders and legislators from both the House and Senate, but there was also a "monster in the room” during the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce’s legislative breakfast Friday.

Scott Touts State’s Efforts For Disabled, But No Mention Of Cut To Critical Program

By John Kennedy, Palm Beach Post
July 14, 2015

Gov. Rick Scott visited Miami Gardens to promote his recent signing of legislation allowing parents to create a tax-free savings plan for their disabled children, even as thousands worry about the loss of state funding for another critical program.

In Florida, A Former Fast-Food Worker Lands In Medicaid Gap

By Wilson Sayre, NPR
July 13, 2015

The Affordable Care Act got a big boost from the Supreme Court in June. But some states are still dealing with fallout from a previous Supreme Court decision that left it up to states to decide whether or not to expand Medicaid.

Lawmakers Enjoy Cheap Insurance As They Debate Merits of Medicaid Expansion For Poor

By Tia Mitchell, Florida Times-Union
July 6, 2015

The Legislature adjourned for the year without expanding Medicaid to provide health insurance for 800,000 poor Floridians. But the debate is far from over.